Inside This Yunnan Log
This time round I would like to opt for something different.

Instead of having the log serialized in chronicle-format, this log will be presented in locality format.
  • The first page will feature Kunming and its attractions
  • The second page will feature Luoping and fringe areas along Yunnan and Guizhou province.
  • The Nine Dragon Waterfalls, Lubuge mini-gorges and Laughing Buddha in MiLe in the third page
  • You get to see the old town of Jianshui, terraced fields and minorities tribes in Yuanyang
  • The concluding at the very last of this Yunnan log.

Kunming (昆明)
The capital of Yunnan province, known as “city of spring” but gradually gains its notorious status of "city of jam" for its high traffic volume (as in every major city).

As according to the guide, it is a challenge to cross any road in Kunming.

As both pedestrians and motorists alike apparently ignored the traffic rules most of the time, as each and everybody is keen not be lose out to each other.

The Bird-eye view of the city of Kunming
The first snap of the city of Kunming from the hotel room This is actually a mosque!! despite its Chinese-style outlook One of the back-alleys in Kunming
Tall buildings are everywhere, just like any city So is the notorious traffic
Kunming Zoo (圆通山)
Chinese Flowing Crabapple(海棠花),Cherry Blossom (樱花) bloom at this time of the year, which draws crowds from all places.

Incorporated a zoo and an amusement park but sadly doesn't seem to fit nicely with the park.

The park is a popular spot for elderly folks to gather for rounds of mahjong, card games and exercising

Shopping paradise at 同仁街, 三市街
It seems that every city in the world must have a shopping paradise of its own.

Sukhumvit, Pathumwan in Bangkok, Bukit Bintang in KL, Orchard Road in Singapore.

Here in Kunming, the vicinity that spread around 同仁街 (TongRenJie), 三市街 (SanShiJie) qualified itself as the shopping paradise here.

A walk at night on this strip of Kunming brought me memories back in Myeongdong in Seoul with the billboards, neon light, shops and the crowds seems so similar.

Another thing for sure, despite not being as developed as Shanghai or any costal cities, youths in the city sure are as trendy as the rest of the world.
You cant miss this 周杰伦 and 张韶涵's poster along this shopping strip

Clip of the sights and sounds of Kunming
(Literary means "Dragon gate of West Mountain)
Being the stabling factor of the city of Kunming in terms of the geomancy theory.

Using the least exhausting method to view the spot, we travelled up to the top of the mountain via "ropeway" (like the "skytrain" in Genting).

Upon at the summit of the mountain, we trooped down to the base of the mountain by walking down the steep steps.

Along the way, we enjoyed a bird-eye view of the city of Kunming, 滇池 (Lake Dian) plus numbers of cave temples strategically located along the way.
Dynamic Yunnan(云南映象)
Not exactly a cultural bluff but was told it's not a bad idea to see this cultural performance choreographed by renowned dancer Yang Liping.

Intensive drumming coupled with high energetic dancing and powerful vocal; this performance showcased the colourful and rich cultures of the Yunnan minorities.

(Due to copyright issue, photo-takings were strictly prohibited during the performance)
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