What a "SHAME"!!!
I only speak for myself regarding the above mentioned subject.

Isn't hard to believe a Singaporean guy, who been living in the "tiny dot" for all his life since birth, yet to set a foot on Pulau Ubin?

Well, can't blame me for that as l am not available on weekends morning, which people been normally call it a "Family Outing Day".

Anyway, a rare opportunity was given and I hopped onto it, to the "last rustic bastion" of the Singapore which is being "destroyed" by tonnes of "concrete forestation".

Cycling is one of the main activities on this island.

Numbers of shops that provided the bike rental can be found near the jetty point.

At a rate of $3 per day, it's kind of reasonable (not sure how the folks at Sentosa, Pasir Ris and East Coast charged).

But do ensure the tyres, brakes and gears are in working conditions, as the road and tracks around Ubin (pictured below)are pretty hilly and uneven (watch out for your buttocks if they are tender, hehehehe:P)

Other spots

Saw this turtle outside the temple we dropped by. Ubin is also known as a place of worshipping as it housed numbers of shrines and temples around the isle. Somehow or rather, you will think you are in Malaysia as your mobile phone will switch to one of their networks, when you come to this spot here.
Another unique sign of Ubin for "suaku" like me, a green-coloured licence plate starting with "PU" A telephone booth eh?? a meeting spot or a landmark in this age? Oh yeah.. a nice cool lager to cool down the body heat... Phew!!

Whatever it is, you just pray hard that that those bunch of "jokers" don't turn this "last rustic bastion" into something as "artificial" like the island near the southern tip of the main island.

The environmentalists managed to save the natural habitat of "Chek Jawa" (which is at the east side of the island) years ago from being "redevelop", but the general consensus is that with the numbers of tourists not coming in, who knows if they have other plans to change the outlook for the sake of "redevelopment" or "upgrading the facilities" to "suit the needs of current climate".

Oh boy..
(P.s: It's not that l don't smile but the scorching heat was too hot that I hardly open my eyes)

(C)2005 Ko Po Hui