這裡即熟悉又好陌生,雖然來了幾回但還是像蕭亞軒的那首「最熟悉的陌生人」來形容我和台北車站 (右圖) 的情感~是的各位,我又來到台北 了。熟悉稱不上熟悉,但來了幾回有些地方也不必再重遊。



That weird feeling towards this iconic transport hub - Taipei Main Station (pictured right) is that while it wasn't the first time I came here but one can still felt that bit of unfamiliarity, like a song by Elva Hsiao "The Most Familiar Stranger".

Yes, I am back again in this city which I can't say I know her like the back of my hand but there are some places that I need not have to visit again.

As always, the only thing that made me come to Taiwan in recent years is to watch a few baseball matches. However, instead of the usual hangouts in either Tianmu in Taipei or Xinzhuang in New Taipei, I found myself at Taichung, which literally means in the "middle of Taiwan".


由於是第一次搭台鐵長途火車很多東西都是懵懵懂懂,左問右答也未必了解其中的狀況,也只好再三確認才明白一切 (比如說購買車票的流程)。

或許沒人會相信,但從事這行業近二十載,我是抱著那興奮無比的心情乘搭由 台北下台中 的 自強號 列車。途中的景色讓人耳目一新,如果不趕時間的話,在一邊看風景聽音樂是個一大享受。


Since it was the first time I took a long-distance ride on train services run by TRA (Taiwan Railways Administration) to reach my destination, there were a number of things that got me confused before I got myself a clearer picture after having my doubts cleared by the staff (eg: buying the ticket).

You may not believe this that I am excited to board my train ride from Taipei to Taichung in spite in this line for near to two decades. It's always a pleasure to enjoy those sceneries along the railway track at a trackable speed. If you are not in hurry, do opt for this two hour ride to enjoy the view.