寧夏夜市 (臺北)

在下台中的前一個晚上,我來到一個還沒去過的一個台北夜市 -寧夏夜市。



Ningxia Night Market (Taipei)

This is one of the many night markets in Taipei area. Probably, due to its proximity to its much renowned neighbor - Shillin Night Market, many tourists tend to skip this place.

Located next to Penglai Elementary School, this night market caters the needs of its patrons by having litter bins located strategically at both ends of the stretch on Ningxia Road.

The reason for highlighted the presence of those little bins is because a few other night markets or place of attractions I visited in the past, it was difficult to dispose those unwanted stuff that I got myself a few plastic bags, just in case.

逢甲夜市 (臺中)

簡單的說這個夜市的形成和逢甲大學是脫不了關係的。據說為了迎合學生們的需求,而應運而生就發展成今天 「你沒去過逢甲夜市,就別說你去過台」的說法。

雖然夜市演變成商圈所涵蓋的面積很大,但精髓地帶為圍繞逢甲路、福星路和文華路的區塊。 但值得注意的是那麼多年這裡主要消費群體還是逢甲大學的學生。

Fengjia Night Market (Taichung)

Despite its wide perimeter since its evolution from Wenhua Road, the road beside Fengjia University, the core of this Night Market remained in the area, enclosed by Fengjia Road and Fuxing Road.

Reputed to be the largest and most famous Taiwanese Night Market of all, Fengjia Night Market traced its roots that started off merely to meet the needs of the students of said university before grew in size to what it is now.

Such a stature is reflected on the saying that "If you never been to Fengjia Night Market, don't mention you been to Taichung!" Although it is now a world famous attraction, the biggest spenders are still the students from the said university.