Going to Johor Bahru (or commonly known as JB) is a feat that requires a lot of patient.

First of all, you will be stuck in a bottleneck like what you see on the left.

Shuttling between various parts of Johor to Singapore, is a daily ritual for these bikers.

While the second thing is to deal with slow process of getting stamp imprint (or "chop") on your passport.
Towards Taman Perling
Out from the checkpoint, as we proceed towards Taman Perling - one of the outskirt areas of JB.

Straits of Johor separates Singapore from Johor.

For any first time visitors to Johor, you would tell how things are so different between this two places, despite being close to each other.
Reaching Taman Perling
My colleague kept repeating that if not for the jam from the checkpoint towards Taman Perling, we could have been at the restaurant (pictured left) much earlier.

Things can't be help when there's a roadwork going on, while everybody seems to heading towards the same direction.
Just like in Kukup.. where houses supported by stilts are found along the coastal areas of Taman Perling. The sight of Johor Bahru - from where we had our "makan" session.
It's common to seafood restaurants like these dotted along the coastal areas of Johor. Placing our order...
Your typical "makan" place
You get to select the type of seafoods you desired and get the chef to prepare a feast for you.

It's also common to see Singaporeans travelled in groups, to cross the bridge every week to get the much lower, yet delicious cuisine in remote places like this.
The dishes... yummy
Black Pepper Prawns - the appetizer The spread that follow...
"Sweet Sour Fish" Ikan Rasa Tiga - "Three Flavoured Fish"
Cereal Prawns The main attraction - Chilli Crabs
Sometimes, it's really worth the effort to make a journey to these "hidden" spots, if you want to sample the best seafood cuisine, unless, you are a hygiene freak (but you stand to lose out if you are one).

Go in with an empty stomach, it's really worth the effort.
Topping up the fuel tank - you never lose out The nightmarish jam to clear as we headed home.