I always wanted to visit the "Southern Ridges" but due to various "uncompromised" factors, I could only do it now.

So I headed straight to the southern part of the island, had my heavy brunch and off I hit the trek.

Before coming to this place, the only impression I had on this park is its lengthy route that covered the south-western part of the island, from Telok Blangah to the Kent Ridge.

Approximately NINE kilometres...

(P.S: for this log I decided to have more visual feel by putting up more photos, rather than having more text.)



This was my entrance to the Ridges, right at the foot of Mount Faber and located besides the well-known Seah Im Hawker Centre.

Mt Faber

Normally, people would associated this 105m hill as the place to board the cable car to the Sentosa island, opposite of it.

Famously or notoriously, this is also a favourite spot for lovers' rendezvous.

Henderson Waves

One of the notable landmarks of the Ridges is this wave-structural bridge called "Henderson Waves", as it was built across Henderson Road.

Terrace Garden

So this is the spot where many local dramas had their location shot at, as I made my way down to the Terrace Garden from "Henderson Waves".

Doesn't really look that impressive with its greying surfaces, stark contrast to the glaring white I saw on television many donkey years back.

Forest Walk (Alexandra Arch)

The notable feature of this "Forest Walk" is the 1.3km steel walkway that linked from Telok Blangah Hill to its finishing point - Alexandra Arch.

Hort Park

I lost my way where I arrived at Hort Park.

The Hyderabad Road besides this park is the source of the confusion that only later I realized I need to "cut-through" Hort Park before I can make my way to the Canopy Walk.

Canopy Walk

This being the final spot of my trek as I found myself ascending to the top of the Canopy Walk, which saw me ended my day at Bukit Chandu Memorial.

Alright, fair enough that there's some vegetation in Singapore after all, it just that the over-urbanized image of the skyscrapers is the first thing that come to us when we think about Singapore.

Isn't it a shame that we tend to overlook places like the Ridges when we keep yelling the lack of greenery on this island.

The lengthy trek proved to be quite a challenge for its numbers of ascending and descending terrains.

Perhaps, the next stop for such self-exploring as my friend suggested is Kranji, where there are some farms and its neigbouring Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.

Be back for more... only after my backache is gone..