There isn't much thing to describe Shah Alam (given the fact that I wasn't there for a leisure trip).

Other than the fact that it was declared the capital of Selangor, one of the 13 states that formed the Federation of Malaysia, in 1974 after the previous one - Kuala Lumpur (being the federal capital as well) was declared a federal territory.

Stadium Shah Alam
No Singaporean soccer fan will forget this stadium built in the mid 1990s for the Commonwealth Games (staged in 1998).

As it was at this 80,000-capacity stadium in 1994, the Singapore team captured its 24th and final Malaysia Cup title before quitting this historical tournament, which had been the focus of football fans on both sides of the Causeway.

Prior to the opening of Bukit Jalil Stadium, this stadium had been the venue of the Malaysia Cup Final,  before that all previous finals were staged at the Stadium Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur.

Was at the stadium on the following day for the annual Sultan of Selangor Cup soccer match between Selangor and Singapore.

The first view of the stadium. Close-up of the pitch.
The best view of the house?
The view of the VIPs One last shot of myself before leaving the iconic arena
The "Blue Mosque" - Masjid Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah
This landmark of the city was commissioned by the late Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah (father of the present ruler) and was completed in 1988.

According to sources, The 4 minarets on its corners are the second tallest in the world at 460 feet it used to be the tallest until a mosque in Morocco (King Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca.) later took the title.

The Mosque is also known as the Blue Mosque owing to its blue dome which is one of the largest in the whole world.

(Info credit from :Wikipedia and BISEAN)

The very first shot of the "Blue Mosque" from the hotel room.
The shot of the mosque at night, from an adjacent angle The shot of the mosque at daytime, from the same spot.
At the gate of the mosque complex Inside the mosque compund
Pardon me, other than these two places much of the time while I was Shah Alam was holed up in the hotel - Concorde Shah Alam (pictured on the right).

As time was precious, I didn't really get a chance to explore the state capital of Selangor.

Probably, next time perhaps?