The Airport??

"Thump!!" as the Boeing 717 airport descended on the runway of the Samui airport.


For first time visitor like me to this island located in the Gulf of Thailand, what came to my mind when I first set my foot here is the simplicity this island has to offer.


The airport at a glance cannot tell from far that it is an airport! Rather with its hut-liked structure and open-air surrounding, it resembled more like seaside resort.


Other than its unique outlook, another novelty of this tiny airport is refreshments are being served for both arrival and departure guests (which I doubt the folks at Changi can match to that!!)

The taxing part of any beginning of a journey - the custom clearance The saddest part of journey - the processing of the boarding pass back home Look how different it is, the departure hall of the Samui airport. The open-space and "kumpung" style made it so umique


As soon as we checked into our accommodation for the night, we headed straight to the main street of Chaweng, the main beach area of the Samui.



The night scene of Chaweng, flanked by rows of shops on both sides of the road. A nice cold beer at the end of the day was such a welcome relief..."GULP!"

To be honest, with the shops along the street selling and offering similar types of merchandise and services (i.e.: clothing, souvenir, massage parlous and etc.), unless one is looking for a particular item, it would be wise to hang at the beach where the main attraction is.

Koh Phangan

20 minutes boat ride from the pier had us arrived at Koh Phangan.


Known for its enormous coconut plantations, this island in years to come is all set to rival Samui with number of guesthouses and resorts sprawling up.


Despite its lack of infrastructures (given its hilly nature, not likely to have an airport build on it.), Phangan still attracts a large number of visitors (mainly from Samui).


The only regret - we missed the much touted "full moon" beach party. 

A bird-eye view from the top of the mountain where the Goddess of Mercy's temple is Hauling the coconuts onto the truck by my friend, while the worker took a break. A stroll down the main street of Koh Phangan, before headed to the boat back to Samui

Koh Tao and Koh Nangyuan

That breath-taking view (the one on the right) from the top of the peak at Nangyuan, made us felt worthwhile the arduous trek we made ourselves up.


The surrounding water is so crystal-clear that the underwater world in Sentosa could hardly match.


Stringent measures (such as barring of plastic bottles on the island) are taken to ensure Nangyuan from being polluted.


Snorkelling around these two islands is the main activity.


The only drawback is travellers need to endure the one-and-half hour catamaran ride from Samui. (pills for sea-sickness advisable for those prone to it)

Nathon (the former main gateway)

This is the main town of the island.


Before the airport was built, visitors would have to take the boat ride from Surat Thani and landed at the main pier of Nathon.


Apparently with the airport built near Chaweng, Nathon lost its shine as foreign travellers found it more accessible to reach Samui by flights, while the locals continue to rely largely on this affordable mode of transport.


one of the beautiful sceneries - Lad Koh Here we are at "Papa Mama" rock structure, take a closer look and you know why The landmark of the island, the Big Buddha

It was made known to me that end of the year is normally the "low-peak" period of Samui due to the north-east monsoon. 

Thus, travellers would opted for Phuket and its surrounding areas.


Alas though, the sad incident occurred on Boxing Day had made the potential travellers think twice now before setting their foot in the near future.


n front of the portrait of HM King of Thailand,