Inside This PERTH Log
The Market visit and Fish and Chips
I stop-short of using that word but the next time if you got a chance to go market visiting and intend to shop for some souvenirs for your whosoever, while you are in Perth or its surrounding areas, go to E-Shed (which is at Fremantle) first before heading down to Fremantle Market. (see pictures )
On one side of the market, vendors are selling stuff like souvenirs and handicrafts On the other side of the market, we have something like our very own "wet-market" run mostly by Asians.
"Freo" (as what the local termed Fremantle as) is a small town with numbers of historical buildings like this church here - SCOTS Presbyterian church build in 1886 A picture of myself took outside the market building. Sit and have a cuppa at one of these sidewalk cafe is a way of life

The latter may be much prominent on the tourist brochures, still better bargain can be found in the former site, which is located at the jetty that bring visitors to the famous Rottnest Island. (see pictures)

This is the place where tourist take ride here to go to Rottnest island Some of the cheapest items you can find here in E-Shed.. "Arghhh!!!" This is what E-Shed looks like from outside.

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips" is a die-die, must try delicacy while you are in "Freo"

"Cicerellos" was where we had our fish and chips lunch.
City drive about and King's Park
Perth City

As the trip draw to a close soon, we hop down to the city of Perth for more shopping (it's a Singapore pastime afterall.)

"Harbour Town" gives a feeling like what Suntec City offered.

With number of shops housed inside the not-that-big complex, it's quite strange we actually spent more than three hours inside this shopping centre.

Was trying to go around the city, however given the exorbitant parking charges - Forget it!!

King's Park
Not far from the city is the sanctuary from the hustle and buss from it - King's Park

It is named "King's Park" to commemorate the coronation of King Edward VII way back in 1901 (as what is written on the introductory board.)

There are number of war memorials placed around the park to commemorate those who sacrificed themselves during the wars.

The skyline of Perth, shpt taken from King's Park The larger part of the Swan River One of the many war memorials in King's Park.
These two girls were reviewing some of the shots they taken Sorry for this shot, the focus was the statue in the middle of the lake but the sun was too glaring. King's Park is where Perth residents get to relax and stroll around.
This is the final spot of the whole trip - the Aquarium of Western Australia (AQWA)

It's something like what we have in the Sentosa -"The Underwater World" if not better, as my feeling is that the Australians are really great in utilised their surroundings and created something really amazing.
(Left) The entrance of the Aquarium. Look kind of ordinary from it's appearance.
(Right) A picture of myself again, took at the starting point of the covered walkway where visitors can view the types of aquatic inhabitants featured in the aquarium.
(L) It's feeding time, as the fishes crowded round the feeder for lunch, a pretty high-risked job as sharks are among those hungry folks.
(R) The jelly fishes look so different here.
(L) This pool on the left, allows visitors to feel and touch the fishes swim inside this pool.
(R) Not far from the aquarium, we saw a large number of yachts anchored at the marinas

Balik Lagi (with snapshots at the Perth airport)
It had been a wonderful trip to this part of the world.

The cool climate, the friendly folks and the "not-so-hectic" pace of life are the main features of this trip.

It's not wonder a lot of ex-Singaporeans decided to call Perth and her surrounding suburbs "HOME".

Been telling the folks that if there's a chance of doing of doing so I would follow suit (hehehehe.. but don't label me as a "quitter" yet).

The only drawback of the trip was the discovery of the depreciation of the Singapore Dollars as compare to the Aussie Dollars (years back it was one-to-one, rather than 20 odd percent difference now)

Nothing is free, you have to pay for the use of the trolley, so buy wisely.. The spacious departing hall of the airport. The departing hall, where passengers gathered before boarding the plane

Last but not least
Took this picture outside the Fremantle Oval - home to the Fremantle Football Club.

Hopefully, my next trip back to Australia, I'm able to catch a game or two while in town.