This was thing that stood out when I first came to Penang years ago.

Because it is a skyscraper that protruded out from those low-rise buildings that surrounded, it's advisable to use that as cornerstone while you are in Georgetown.

The actual name of the complex is "KOMplex Tun Abdul Razak" after the second Prime Minister of Malaysia.

It used to be THE shopping centre of Penang before it languish behind the nearby Prangin Mall.




Inside KOMTAR “光大”里看个究竟
Hmm.. the feel of it was as if I'm in one of those "retro" type of shopping malls. “光大”的内部仿佛回到一点儿“复古”的感觉。
Open air boutique is a common sight. 常常见到地 - 在大厅排放着出售的服饰。 The nearby "Prangin Mall" snatched the share of patrons from KOMTAR
“光大”附近的Prangin Mall以较新的外观,陈设吸走不少购物客。

Persiaran Gurney (commonly known as Gurney Drive) (Business hours: 4pm-1am)
I would say next time if you decide to go to this famed hawker center of the island, better check with the bus driver where they would alight their passengers and where they would pick up them up.

The fact is (and I'm not sure if this is transparent to the bus operators) there is no visible marking or whatsoever to tell commuters where exactly is the bus stop! (It was supposed to be 304 which I took from Jalan Penang, but I had criss-crossed several dark alleys before I boarded 104 back to the KOMTAR area)

Nonetheless, the famed hawker center is not actually as big as I thought, but fair to say that most of those Penangites famous hawker cuisine can be found in this small enclave besides Gurney Plaza.

新关仔角 营业时间:4pm-1am)
在此奉劝诸位如有意思到这个驰名海内外的小贩中心,最好先向司机大哥打听上下车的位置 (不是没有打听好,但我下车的地点却没有很明确的显示牌,而且听说在“新关仔角”周围也好像没有个固定型的车站)。


Being a Federal initiative, The "Anjung Gurney" was officially opened by the then Malaysian Prime Minister Dato' Seri Abdullah Badawi on 29th July 2006. 联邦政府於2006在原址附近盖了这个小贩中心,由当时的首相阿都拉巴达威开幕

The ability to use the Hokkien dialect to converse with these hawkers made me feel at home, was told the majority of Penang Chinese are of Hokkien descent.
My first dinner at Penang - Claypot rice (instantly served to me)
在槟城的第一份晚餐 - 沙锅饭。
I crossed a number of dark alleys before came to this main road to board my bus.