In a decision that took less than three days to make, the next thing I knew was I found myself heading to Penang after a few clicks on my keyboard in space of less than 30 minutes.

Maybe I would not have to depend on those travel agencies to do all those "dirty jobs" after all.

Although this wasn't the first time I visited this island, I hardly have any recollection of this place as it was almost 20 years since my last visit.



Onboard my first Air Asia flight 首次乘搭亚洲航空。
Jalan Burma was my hotel was located and my link to my maker-point - "KOMTAR". 在槟城的四天,我每天必须沿着这条“缅甸街”去我的交通枢纽 -“光大”
Before the completion of the Penang bridge, the only way to travel to-and-fro the island and the other side of Penang is via the 24-hour ferry service.

However, the completion of the longest bridge in peninsular Malaysia didn't spell the end of this age-old ferry service and they seem to compliment well with one and other.


Church Street Pier‎ - where the yachts are docked. 停泊游艇的“教堂街码头”

This is the main bus terminal, near the jetty, where all the Rapid Penang bus routes initiated from this point. 这是码头附近的巴士总站,所有巴士干线从这驶出。

Modern sculpture at Tanjung Marina. 丹戎海滨的现代雕塑。 Victoria Memorial Clock Tower at Lebuh Light. 这是纪念英女王维多利亚的钟楼
UNESCO World Heritage City
I begin my walk around the vicinity, after I purchased my "Tourist Passport" pre-paid bus ticket from the main terminal of the "Rapid Penang" bus service - the main public bus transport provider in the state of Penang.

It was not hard for me to figure out why the state capital of Penang, Georgetown, together with Malacca, was listed on the prestigious "UNESCO World Heritage City" list in 2008.

Those neo-classical buildings built during the British colonial days still stand proudly along the streets of this part of the island.

Other than those European influenced structures, the distinctive Peranakan shophouses can be found in every corner of the town as well.

联合国“文化遗产”之一 - 槟城乔治市
从码头的总车站走起,你不难发现为何这个作为槟城州首府的乔治市会被联合国教科文组织连同马来西亚的另一个古城 - 马六甲在2008年被鉴定为具有权威性的“联合国文化遗产”之一。



Scottish lawyer James Logan who championed for the rights of the natives in the colonial days- Logan Memorial was erected in his memory. 罗根纪念碑是悼念为当地人申张正义苏格兰籍律师罗根。

Wisma Yeap Chor Ee named after the man also known as the "Grand Old Man of Penang.这栋位于码头附近的建筑物是以大富翁叶祖意这位槟城先驱命名的。

Wisma Kastam (The Custom House) is a stone throw away from the pier.

This building housed the state's Islam Affairs Department.

The "Town Hall" was gazetted in 1993, was once where the elites gathered.

The City Hall (built in 1903) is still in used for the municipal meeting.

Here's a place for Penangites to relax and enjoy the breeze.

Fort Cornwallis
When the founder of British settlement in Penang, William Light gained the control of the island from the Sultan of Kedah in 1786, he constructed a star-shaped fort at the north-eastern tip of the island.

The fort was named after the then Governor-General of Bengal, Charles Cornwallis.


This is a statue of Francis Light, the founder of Penang but the sculptor sculpted this statue based on his son's facial features (Like Father, Like Son?). 

The Sepoy Hut where the Indian soldiers known as "Sepoy" stayed.

Compared to the A Formsa in Melaka, Fort Cornwallis is well-preserved. 跟马六甲的古城门相比,康沃礼斯城门几乎完整地保留它的原貌
Self-portray at the Fort, without the aid of a tripod. 在无担架的协助下的自拍像。
弹药库 Ammunition store These rooms used to be cell before turning to exhibition rooms in present days.
The yellow arrow pointed to the location of the fort.
In the early days, many European traders were here for these items - SPICES.
早期的欧洲商人都是为它而来 - 香料。
These tents are replication of those Francis Light stayed when he first landed on the island. 据说这是仿效当时赖特初到槟城所住的营帐 These horses are meant for visitors' ride? 这几匹马儿是供游客骑地呢?