Inside This Kwai-Ayutthaya Log
Video Clips

This is being my first attempt to incorporate video clips on the site. Hope you like it.

Shot entirely using the newly-purchased Ranger DV camcorder.

A short video clip of the "Floating Market"
A short video clip shot from aboard the bumpy ride along River Kwai
  A short video clip of Death Railway
A short clip about a couple being chased by train on River Kwai bridge
The Floating Nun of Kanchanaburi
The ruined ancient city of Ayutthaya


Summon to Bang Pa-In Palace, Ayutthaya
Sights, scenes and sounds of Bangkok


Thailand - a country we, Singaporeans, are so familiar with yet, at the same time we still felt a sense of secrecy waiting to unveil itself.  

It's always a new experience and feeling at the end of every visit to this place they called the "Land of Smiles", where the locals smile with sincerity right from the bottom of their heart (who need that phoney stunt to trigger this?).  

From this trip, I had learned that it 's more than just shopping that attracts visitors to Thailand, its rich culture and history have already tempted me to come back for.

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