Mae Sai
This was not my first time to this most northern part of Thailand, which previous visits to this border town neighbouring Myanmar (or Burma) were nothing more than a transit point or a brief stopover.

The chance to stroll around the town and its surroundings was why the third visit to this once backwater land of the country set apart from the earlier two.

Mae Sai had changed a lot since I first came here more than 25 years ago with those primitive settings infamously associated with those social ills, as compared to the present bustling trading town flocked with traders and tourists alike.

A hilly ride up to the summit of Doi Chang Mub allows visitors to catch a glimpse of the spectacular view of the sunset from the military base located right next to Thai-Myanmarese border (with a neighbouring Myanmar military base just a few meters down the border).





沿着泰缅边界的山路而行即可以来到一座叫Doi Chang Mub的山峰,从这里的一个泰国军事基地可以看到极为壮观的日落美景,更妙的是由于处在边界地带缅甸军队驻扎的营地也近在咫尺。

Wat Phra That Wai Dao 蝎子庙
River Ruak 禄阿河
River Ruak is the river that serves as a boundary that separates Thailand and Myanmar, therefore, visitors are able to see what is on the other side of the river with such a short distance between the two.


Sunset at Doi Chang Mub 泰缅边界线的日落美景