Mae Rim
This region in Chiang Mai province used to be one of those neglected regions in the past.

Back then, the minority hill tribes (the Hmongs) in this region engaged themselves in poppy cultivation that while brought the much-needed income to them, it was also the source of other evils that hold them back from getting synchronize with the rest of the Thai society.

It was through the efforts by the present monarch, King Bhumibol, who initiated a number of Royal projects that encouraged the local peasants to cultivate crops like cabbages, strawberries, etc., instead of poppy (that led to opium production) and gradually improve the living standard of these peasants.

Since then, the lush plantations greenery around the region coupled with favourable climate all year round not only made this part of Thailand a major source for her fruits and vegetable supply internally, many local tourists also head up north during the winter season to enjoy the fresh air at this altitude.





Mom Luang Summit 蒙阮峰

According to our guide, Mom Luang Summit is the highest point of the Mae Rim district and it's one of those spots that are yet to be exploited by those conventional travellers to this part of Thailand. Probably, due to its hilly route up to the top of this mountain which formed part of the Himalayan mountain range that stretched from Nepal all the way to Pahang in Malaysia. Owe to its scene and refreshing climate, it's no surprise to see folks venturing up to the cliff and snap a few shots for remembrance.

据向导透露,蒙阮峰为梅菱县最高峰也是其中一个未被开发的旅游景点。 或许是要来到此处必须历经陡峭的山路才能达到山峰,所以往往许多大型的旅游巴士未必能经得起这项考验。这座山也属于喜马拉雅山脉群的山峰之一 (横跨尼泊尔到马来西亚彭亨州)。不过,一旦到达山顶后就觉得看到壮观的山景和日落是值得地。