Inside This Korea Log
I really donít know what to expect.
As this is the first time I heading to a sub zero climate zone, so the signs of anxiety is there even before l boarded the flight (at the time of writing, the plane experienced some form of turbulence !!)

Prior the trip, I had been asking around what are the precautions to take note.

The common reply as follows:

"Take plenty of fluid"
"Pack enough clothing"
"Be careful and take note of the walking surface"

(for that I decided to wear my workplace shoes which were subject to security check because of the metallic based toe cover)

Anyway, take that as once in a lifetime experience, the luggage l carried this time round is probably the heaviest to date.

Stuffed with tonnes of winter clothing, the luggage I carried looked as seems I'm seeking refuge rather as a tourist.
2 deg. 5.34 am
(picture on the left: boarding pass of the flight from Singapore to Seoul)

2 degree Celsius was the temperature when we arrived at Incheon International Airport.
(picture on the right: boarding pass of the flight from Seoul to Busan)

Major Seaport of Korea

Own a significant spot in the Korean War(625 war) history as it was in Busan where the South Korean and its US-led allies begun their fight back to push the Stalinist North Korean forces back to 38degree division line.

What we saw at Busan
Yongdusan Park.
One of the main attraction of the park is the statue of Admiral Yi.

Admiral Yi, a war time hero in 16th century using five tortoise-shape boats to defeat 50 invading Japanese warships.

Picture of the right is the Busan Tower, a prominent landmark in Busan.

Haeundae Beach at Busan
Weird isn't it where can we see people in winter wear scrolling at the beach?

But the sea breezes was freezing!

Despite the freezing cold, plenty of sunshine here but it failed to counter the freezing breeze that blown from the sea.

Together with the beach goers, fleet of birds are frequently spotted at the beach as well.

With numbers of amenities strategically located near the beach, no wonder is a hit with locals and foreigners alike

Snapshots of street of Busan
It was Christmas Day when we arrived at Busan, thus the street was pretty deserted.

Took the shots of the street , outside the restaurant where we had our lunch.

Gyeongju - state protected land, no digging of land allowed as of its historical status (being the capital of the first Korean dynasty - the Shilla Dynasty - (57 B.C. - A.D. 935)) and myth has that treasures were being buried beneath thus any excavation works are strictly prohibited .

Sketched the drawing on the right, based on the view saw from my hotel room that overlooked Bomun Lake.
At the National Gyeongju Museum
Visit a museum (literary translated as National Gyeongju Museum) that showcase the Korean history.

Most of the exhibits placed outside ,unfortunately though no photo taking is allowed in the museum building itself.

Just like at Haeundae Beach, the wind at the National Gyeongju Museum was just as strong too, just look at the way I had to hold on to my coat in the picture on the left. (mouse-over effect: the signboard depicted the museum )

Introduction by our tour guide
Here we were given a introduction of the museum by our tour guide Tony.

(Mouse-over effect: some of the exhibits are placed outdoor)
Bell of King Seongdeok
One of the many outdoor relics on display at the National Gyeongju Museum
Wellich Chosun Hotel near Bomun Lake
This is the first hotel we stayed during our trip.

(Mouse-over effect: the activities available at Bomun Lake for tourists and local alike to enjoy themselves.)
Bulguksa Temple
designated as a World Cultural Asset by UNESCO in 1995

(Mouse-over effect: the courtyard of the temple, which in the old days, the king is the only person can pass through the main gate of it. )
Cheomseongdae Observatory
There I was right in front of the oldest existing astronomical observatory in Asia.
Tomb - Korean style
According to our guide, the dome-shaped of the Korean tomb is to symbolize the shape of the pregnant women's tummy, In short everything back to square one after a person's death


(picture below: boarding pass of the flight from Busan to Jeju island, in thermal form)

Third flight in two days brought us to Jeju island.

Honeymoon Island as what they nicknamed Jeju ,will be flooded with newly-wed couples during April and May (can understand why when I tuned to a TV channel in the middle of night).


What we saw at Jeju
Initially when told we be visiting this spot at night, I was wondering what are we looking at

And here's the outcome as promised by our guide

Thanks to the spotlight shone at it ,the natural rock structure evolved from the volcano ashes resembled that of a dragon head .
This spot will be packed with visitors on first day of the year to catch the first sunrise of the year.
Jeju Cultural village
Thanks to our lively guide who gave us a lively introduction, we all have a better understanding how the Korean live in the past

It's gazetted as a national historical site ,It was also one of the filming sites of "Jewel in the Palace"(大长今), in which our guide got herself a cameo role as Lee Young Ae' s assistant in one of the episode
"ALL IN" filming site
This chapel is the replacement of the original that was destroyed during a typhoon.

For the sake of tourist's dollars, the local government decided to build another similar on the same spot to woo the visitors
Jusang Jeolli Cliff
Another natural rock structure located at the southern part of the island

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