Inside This Korea Log
It's so tiring to take 4 different flights on 3 days

(picture above: the boarding pass on the mentioned flight)

It was freezing when we back at Seoul (actually not the case, as we were rushed to Busan from Incheon on the first day we landed.)

Pictures taken were inside and outside the Gimpo airport

Shopper paradise spread around Dongdaemun stadium (pictured on the left) vicinity

Doosan Tower- 8 Storey high building housed shops selling clothing, accessories

Sad to say found nothing suitable as mostly winter stuff but not a concern as main was photo taking.
So long there's any subway around, these underpass shopping mall is always there See what l meant?? Do we need these stuff back here?? Festive lights were still prominent at this part of the city.
Wondering these hawkers pay any rent to run their business here? Such a colourful sight coupled with the mouth-watering stuff. Does these festive decorative reminded you of Orchard Road? Hordes of shoppers patronise the Doosan tower for their clothing needs.
Samsung built this theme park back in the 70's

It is the 7th largest theme park in the world and it is Korean answer to Disneyland.

It housed a zoo (which I missed the safari section during my first trip there), an amusement park all under one roof.

A freak accident here at the ski sledge saw me rule out of the ski activity the next day
Everland is just like the Disneyland, which seems to attract both foreigners and locals in thousands daily Colourful buildings and facades made the shutterbugs run out of the negatives faster than expected.
Suddenly, the song " The Lion Sleeps Tonight" flew into my mind when l saw these guys Zzzzzz Believe it or not, this animal here (pictured above) is a cross-bred between a lion and tiger! Here's the bear, sitting down there waiting for it's feeding time.
After that great fall from the sled, l sat near the fireplace to warm myself up
(Mouse-over: my shoes and gloves being heated.)
Frozen lakes and streams in the theme park are common sights at this point of time when the picture was taken. A touch of Alpine favour here in Everland.

Here's the row of houses not far away from the accident took place :P


Mt Sorak
On par with that hilly drive at Koh Tao, the nearly four hours journey brought us to Sorak the day before.
The film at Mt Sorak
Snap this clip of the surrounding of Mount Sorak.

With our guide Tony urging the group that it's time to leave the Mountain.

Great scenery and not a bad feat for someone who hurt his back and shoulder the day before to climb his way up to take these pictures

统一大佛 @ Mt Sorak
It was built with funds collected from Koreans and was named "Buddha statue of unification" with aim to see the unification of the two Koreas.

An ideal spot to have a group photograph, for those have a sharp vision, do make a guess where I stood.

Alps ski resort
A hour drive from Mt Sorak brought us to Alps ski resort .

That freak accident resulted sore back shoulder and neck "Ouch!"

Seems skiing is out of question, so back to main purpose photo taking of the ski resort
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