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FreeBack - the response people
- allow users to create their own feedback form online - (Drop-Down Menu)
- allow users to create their own drop-down menu and other scripts online
Site Map - DropDown Menu Generator
- allow users to create "Drop-down Box" menu
- the hosting company of this website
pdfonline - free PDF converter online
- as the name suggested


Some selected websites
- Isara is a non-profit website that creates charity projects using your free visits.
- The Official website of Singapore's own professional soccer league
- For all your IT, computer resources
- Well-travelled Kenny Sia's blog is one of the most prominent blogs in this part of the world.
- a travel online journal maintained by a friend of me, who I called a "budget flight specialist" :P
- a bilingual travel blog of a friend, who is currently on a RTW tour.
- a travel blog by a lady named "Rainy_Girl 84", who listed "Kotravelog" on her blog and now returning her the link.

Anything to do with transportation
- log on to this site to check out how comfortable your flight will be
- showcase the in-flight delicacies (if any...)
- as the name suggested :)
- here's the rating (of the airports) if you decided to Zzz overnight to avoid the miss of your flight
Anything to do with accommodation
- in case you need a room last minute.

- sourced these three "hostel" from "Google".. pretty similar to each other.
Anything you might find it useful
- a webholic like me this site is essential though not quite sure how reliable it is, for anyone who need it anyway
- as the name suggested (again) :p
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