"Return my lost lands..."


Yue Fei Mausoleum
General Yue Fei is probably the one of the, if not the most respected patriotic Chinese general in the history.

Known for his filial piety, his undying patriotism for his country. This Song dynasty general was the most unfortunate to have been killed by the treacherous court officials (Qin Hui (秦桧 ), his wife, Lady Wang (王氏) ,Moqi Xie (万俟卨) and Zhang Jun (張俊) ), who influenced the then Emperor Gao-zong to execute General Yue on baseless, non-existing evidences.

Translated from "Wikipedia" Mandarin version.
"The mausoleum was built in 1221 and the existing buildings of the compound were constructed during Qing Emperor Kangxi's reign in 1715 with major renovations took place in 1918 and 1979."

(Picture right: a statue of General Yue Fei,who was a third-grade court official)

民族英雄 岳飞可是所有华人无人不知,无人不晓的历史人物。


但可悲的事,奸臣秦桧夫妇,万俟軼 和 張俊 以 莫须有的罪名定了岳飞的罪使得这位大英雄被宋高宗用十二道金牌召回京城而被遇害。



Inside the Mausoleum 岳王庙内
This arch is linked to the main entrance 此碧血丹心牌坊乃通往岳王庙正门 The entrance of the mausoleum 岳王庙正门
Had this shot taken in front the entrance of the mausoleum 在正门前留影
Hordes of crowds thronged the site daily 岳王庙天天人山人海

General Yue's mother tattooed the famed verse "serve the country with the utmost loyalty" across his back 岳母刺上精忠报国四字

The murals in the main hall depicted the life story of the great man 忠烈祠内的壁画描述岳飞的生平事迹

General Yue's peace solution -
"If officials were not greedy for money, their military counterparts did not flinch at death, the whole country would be at peace."
岳飞的和平论 -王曰文官不愛錢,武官不惜死,不患天下不太平

General Yue's iconic poetry - "Entirely Red River" (ManJiangHong)

"Serve the country with the utmost loyalty"  精忠报国
The tombs of General Yue Fei and son 岳飞父子墓

The great man and his son, Yue Yun were eventually executed in 1142 based on "baseless, non-existing evidences". General Yue's tomb, reburied in the present location in Emperor Xiaozong's reign (1162-89), is in the middle of the above picture, while his son was buried beside him.

岳飞与其子岳云於1142 以莫须有之罪名被宋高宗处死,岳氏父子是在南宋宋孝宗年间(1162-89),孝宗皇帝下令給岳飞昭雪,将其遗骸迁葬至此。

The FOUR @#**!? 四大恶人

The four "Kneeling Iron Statues" of Qin Hui, his wife - Lady Wang, Moqi Xie and Zhang Jun are placed near the entrance of the path that led to the tombs of General Yue and his son.

Over the years, the statues are subjected to the public's angry and the tourists can't resist the chance of having their anger vent on these statues (like a father took a shoe of his daughter and hit the skull of Qing Hui!!)

四人跪像" 就位于在通往岳氏父子陵墓的大门两旁。多年来备受后人的辱骂和指责 (好像一位父亲拿着他女儿的鞋子望秦桧的头颅敲下去!)

The vicious Song Premier Qing Hui (right) and his wife 秦氏夫妇 Moqi Xie and Zhang Jun (right) 万俟卨 和 张俊 ()
I knuckled Qin Hui's head 我敲了下秦桧的头颅 I chided Zhang Jun 我训了张俊一顿
"YouTiao" (Chinese doughstick)
Having vented my anger at the four @#**!?, I came to realize that "Youtiao" or Chinese doughstick is originated from Hangzhou.

It was mentioned that a pancake seller was so angry that General Yue was mercilessly killed by the treacherous Qing Hui and gang, he decided to have two doughstick joined together (one represents Qing and the other his wife), having them deep-fried in hot boiling oil and ate it to vent his anger towards the vicious pair.

"You Zha 'Hui'" was the original name of this popular breakfast cuisine which meant "Deep-Fried (Qing)'Hui'" and later it was evolved to "You Zha 'Gui'" (Deep-Fried [the] Ghost)!!