Before boarding
It wasn't really a pleasant feeling to stay overnight at the “T2”, despite being one of the best airports to catch some sleep before your early morning flight.

I guessed that grading came from the fact of its “feel-good” surrounding rather those chairs that are meant to rest your bum not your back.



Typing this log while waiting to be checked-in 在等待办理登机前,先纪录此事项 Check-in 排队办理登机
Catch some TV before boarding 还有时间看点电视先 and some free surfing as well 还有时间上网先

Arrival at Guangzhou
Board the airport express coach and cruised along the straight airport expressway, I headed to my hotel (via a drop-off point) instead of heading to some sight-seeing activities, which I would normally encountered with the group tours.



Gate-crashed the annual Trade Fair 刚好到“广交会”凑热闹 Took this shot of the airport from the coach 从“机场快线”拍下白云机场外观
The lady attendant of the "Airport Express" “机场快线”售票员 Uninterrupted journey to Guangzhou via expressway
The places that I visited on my first day in Guangzhou 在广州的第一天

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  • BLUE
    Shang Xia Nine Street 上下九街

  • RED
    Xi Guan 西关

  • GREEN 绿
    Sha Mian 沙面

How I get there: I took the Metro and alighted at "Huangsha" station

如何到此处: 乘搭地铁到“黄沙”站

"Sha Mian","Xi Guan and Shang Xia Nine" street of Liwan district
I'm not sure how many people are aware that, other than concessional areas ceded to foreign powers in Shanghai, similar arrangement were granted in Sa Mian, an islet in Guangzhou as well?

One thing that struck any visitors in this part of Guangzhou is its rich European architectural heritage found in Sha Mian.

Till this day, some European countries still maintained their presence by having their consular office based on this island.

Not far the Sha Mian area, is the shopping districts of Xi Guan and Shang Xia Nine Street (literary translated as “Up Down Nine Street”).

While Xi Guan is known for its old shop houses that dotted along the street selling traditional Chinese Medicine, Shang Xia Nine Street is more an obvious choice for youngsters in the city to keep up with the latest trend.

“沙面”, “西关” 和 “上下九街”







Snapshot of "Sha Mian" “沙面” 的街景
Snapshot of "Xi Guan" “西关” 的街景
Snapshot of "Shang Xia Nine Street" “上下九街” 的街景