For once, I decided to ditch aside that passive attitude when come to travelling and made it a point to embark on a solo trip by end of 2008.

So here I was at Guangzhou - capital of Guangdong province, China.

As being the first solo-er, it was kind of challenging when came to do the following chores:
  • Checking of the air fares
  • Source for the best available schedules
  • Checking up the accommodation (which was well-taken care of) etc.

But being the first attempt to go for a solo-trip does has its share of anxieties and hiccups.

Questions were asked:

  • It is safe?
  • Are you able to cope when things get messy?
  • So on and so for.

I brushed aside all these doubts, as it's always my dream to travel alone overseas and decided to press ahead.




由于是第一次独自出游,忐忑不安及较谨慎的心态在所难免。时常会被问到:安全吗? 如遇到麻烦,该怎样应对?及等等疑问。



Don't Leave home without them 离家出国,不可不备

China resumed the visa-waiver for travellers who are travelling there for less for 14days on 19th Sept. 九月十九日,中方恢复不超过14天免签入境安排

The air tickets and room confirmation notification
机票 和 住宿确定通知
The preparation of this trip was not without any hindrance and concern.

Thank goodness that the mind bogging issue of the visa application was put to a rest when the Chinese authority waive the rule for those who be there for less than 15 days, after the Olympics.

It was later followed by the series of typhoons that landed on this particular part of China.

Although the biggest concern of all was the health scare caused by the discovery of China's milk powder that contained traces of melamine.

As the day to embark closer, I simply can't help but felt the sense of excitement and also that sense of anxiety.

So being someone cautious in nature (because of being someone of a maintenance line), some relevant information and necessary preparations were done so as to ensure the smooth-sailing of this ground-breaking trip.






Typhoon "Hagupit"  "黑格比"台风來襲

Tainted Milk Scandal  毒奶粉事件