• The snob half-way stop

"Ya lah, you asked for 2 bowls right?" chided the scrawny stall assistant before he continued, If you don't want, you can just (leave it), pass to the other" 

Such an unfriendly tone kicked start my 7th Genting trip at Yong Peng, Johor 

Thanks to that unpleasant encounter, it cemented my conclusion on the "take it or leave it" half way stops along those road trip. 

As mentioned before, never expect any delicacies at these eating joints, unless you are almost starved to death. 

One would never say the food is a gourmet choice, unless his or her taste bug is malfunctioning. 

Furthermore, with that unreasonable price tag, travellers are at the mercy of these operators.
Some of the pictures took before reaching Yong Peng
Tuas Checkpoint
I always want to take a picture of the Tuas Checkpoint.

Guess this is the best view of the checkpoint.
Second Link
Sometimes, I wondered if the second link is being fully utilised.
Tg Kupang Checkpoint, Johor
Here we are, a sunrise view took from the second storey of the checkpoint.

Calm and serene ambience.

  • First World Plaza
Inside first world plaza., a monorail track was being built inside

The last time when I was here, the "first world" premises resembled a big construction site. 

With the completion of 90% of the site, the likes of Statue of Liberty (above left) and Eiffel tower (above right) are right in front of our eyes without having to fork a fortune to New York or Paris to see the real thing. 

huge crowd flock to Gengting daily The "Skytrain" reputed to be the World fastest, last for 15 minutes from the base to the top!!
  • The Rooms

Though "First world" in name, never expect the rooms in First World hotel being "first world" in standard. 

Small and crampy with bare minimum amenities.


We moved to "Highlands Hotel" on the day before the departure. 

Stark contrast between "First World" and "Highlands". 


This hotel is catered for the needs of budget conscious and gamblers who almost lost their shirts (for those already lost theirs, wherever they can find a place they would just be glad to catch a nap.)  Much more spacious, equipped with mini safe, fridge plus accessible to cable channels are welcome relief.
  • Night spots
Sit back and relax..

Unfortunately though, given its more orthodox and family oriented nature, "fun seekers" should to be contended with what being offered. 

A drop at the "Patio" was the result of wanting to quench my thirst. 

Despite the offer of RM48 for 5 small pints of "Carls", I decided to stick to a bottle at RM16 (being the only drinker in the group) 

Nothing fanciful about the resident band (the Blue Corals), obviously let down by their poor dictation when singing in Mandarin and Cantonese. 

(P.S: it proved to be irresistible that I went all out for it on my last night in Genting...Bluurrp...)


some "mat salleh" got into the mood and swing all night long...
can't recall if this was my 3rd or 4th bottle, hehehehe As mentioned, the "Blue Corals" handicap are their poor dictation of their mandarin and Cantonese numbers
  • Bus trip to KL Sentral

One more thing I'd learned about is the saving of monies, if opted for the "Genting Expres" instead of hiring a cab. 

RM 55-60/trip charged by those private cab operators, as compare to RM4/trip, paying for the skyway in addition to RM2.80/trip for the bus fare. 

Apparently, one look by itself can tell which the rip off case is. 

In 90 minutes, you reached KL from Genting without having to endure the "Le Mans" race style of driving from the hilltop. 

With most of the rail systems (i.e.: the KTM, the Putra LRT & the KLIA express) under one roof at KL Sentral station connecting to Genting, now we know that tour coaches and taxis aren't the only preferred mode of transportation.


shot from the second level of the station
at the plaform of the KL sentral , while waiting for our train to KLCC


  • Going home

Strangely, till this date nobody seems to have a remedy for one like me who hate the last day of any trip. 

"Everything looks so tasteless..." as I sampled my bowl of beef noodles prior boarding the bus back home. 

Thank goodness, the coach didn't detoured its way near to Batu Caves, where other drivers normally to allow travellers to buy some local products.  

Like it or not, we still have to be at Yong Peng but forget about the food.

 I was there to buy some "muruku" for my office ration.

  • Conclusion

Task accomplished.  

       Managed to reap some "dividends" after some years of "long investment". 

       Have a feel of the drinking atmosphere at Genting. (Certainly hope RM48 for 5 small pints is still there when return in near future.) 

Credit to this man- Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, who made this all happened, had he not decided to hunt a place for his retirement retreat, near Kuala Lumpur back in the 60s, after lament Cameron Highlands is too far from KL. 

  Pohui (a Genting Worldcard member)                                   

(P.S: Thoughts expressed are all the webby's afterthoughts, no way on any matters were there any influences from Genting and its management.)