(Picture Left: the access card given to all guests onboard, it was used as a "key", ID card and a nice souvenir at the end of the day)

I never like the idea of cruising around.


Much of the misgivings were due to the last cruise I had with my folks many years back.


With no much activities going on during that boat trip, I felt I was floating around aimlessly and breathe a sign of relief when we were anchored.

Ma's persuasion

Ma is a big fan of Star Cruise.


Definitely, this was not her first time onboard "Star Virgo", therefore, much to her persuasion that she assured onboard this gigantic ship will be activity-packed, I decided to cast aside my misgivings to go sailing.


Weight check (Right)

It shows 73kg (and I swear it was NEVER digitally mastered except for the zooming), since much of the time I be eating and lazing around, it wise to note the scale and compare it when I returned.



First impression

(Picture Left: the very first of "Superstar Virgo", from Habour Front)

The checkpoints

There were plenty of checkpoints to be cleared before boarding the cruiser.


Other than the mandatory stops like the immigration and the check-in, we were "welcome" by the crew, armed with those SLR camera (you know their motive..)

Other Shots prior sailing
Everybody is getting ready to board the ship.. The "traffic jam" as always at every checkpoint..
"Hurry up!!" as my sister urged. Wasn't really to keen to be a free endorser for Star Cruise (snapped this secretly.)

Finally, coming to the end of that long, long journey to the cruiser.

Just before leaving the pier
One of my former supervisors remarked that the night of the Singapore port (pictured on the right) is beautiful.

So here it is.. what do you think?


The Lobby

(Picture Left: shot from the ground level of the lobby. Mouse-Over effect: the statues of the three golden horses, right in the centre of the picture.)

As what Ma said before the cruise, "you will not be aware when the ship start sailing...".


True to certain extend when it was anchored, as you still felt the slight movement when the ship start moving.

The first glance at the main lobby of the cruiser resembled the ambience of any classy hotels, with beautiful decorative, lights and neat and tidy, of course.


Other Shots of the Lobby

The cabin

(Picture Right: Room 9099, what a nice number. Mouse-Over effect: the corridor outside the room)

It wasn't that big that I expected but not cramp either.


Though my main concern was - the foldable bed that need to be latched open, would it be able to support some heavyweight individual!!

No complaint about anything as it was nice and comfort, except a little "friend" was there to say farewell on the last day.

Other Shots of the cabin

The activities


"The Musicians of Bremen" was the first show we watched.


Yet again the strict copyright regulations denied the patrons from snapping any photograph.    


Your typical fairytale show but the attraction of the show must be the gravity-defying stunts by the Chinese acrobats, whose manoeuvring over the vertical pole had captured the imaginations of the audience.




The meal

It is not uncommon to see people put on weight after a cruising trip.


If none of those recreational activities offered onboard excited you, I guess food sampling is the only enjoyment onboard.

There are plenty of restaurants for guests to patronize, while some you need to pay on top but free flow of food and drinks are the pull of the crowds (like in the picture on the left, where taking a queue number is like queuing up for the latest Harry Potter's story book)

Other Shots of the eating outlets

Bella Vista - where we had our first meal onboard. Pretty strange that we need to turn out in collar shirts, pants and shoes on dinner, whereas, for lunch and breakfast, the ruling is waived.

Mediterranean Buffet and Terrace - something that is more at ease because everything here is buffet-styled which we are more used to.

My first breakfast onboard - Indian vegetarian cuisine (make it a point to start my day as vegetarian..hehehe)

Not bad eh.. having your meal on an open deck, except things can be pretty nasty when the wind blows

Can't recalled what this thing stuff, except there's a piece of cheese on top that melted to the surface of the chicken cutlet.

Something more accustomed to our taste bud here.

Walking around

Anyway, since stuck onboard a ship, it's best to explore around, from inside out, outside in, from deck to deck and cabin to cabin. 

Did not seen Leonardo DiCaprio or Kate Wnslet wannabes at the viewing deck.

The kids onboard  were having a great fun in pool like this.

Chess, anybody?? It's been a very long time I last played a game of table tennis, here in this picture, having a game with my brother-in-law.
Some kids enjoying themselves over a game, which I believed used to be a sailors' favourite. A sight of contrast here - the guys in white jumpers were doing some maintaining works, while the guests were lazing around.

Parthenon Pool during daytime

Open air lounge like this to allow the guests and staff alike to sit back and wind down.
The carpet walkway that led us to the LIDO, where all performances are staged The top of the cruiser, I'm not sure if this is called a chimney, exhaust or whatsoever, which is rounded by running track with a small golf teeing area and etc.
Galaxy of the stars

Is a cosy lounge where guests can simply sit and relax, while enjoying the sight of the Straits of Malacca from an enclosed, comfort environment (except you need to be early to enjoy that quiet ambience as in the mid-afternoon, it's "BINGO" time!)


Captain's Bridge

This is nearest spot where you will see how the ship is being navigated and the men behind the navigation of it.

Look kind of sophisticated and was told it was well paid.

But then having to ensure the safety of all onboard, definitely is reasonable to be paid well to work, while watching others to enjoy...



The Oasis

Such an irony, this "oasis" is not exactly the same we have in the desert.


Instead, it's more like a "leech" (if you hate gambling).


Luckily, alarm bell sounded the moment when I was denied to slot a 10 dollars to start a game (if not, I would lost everything!!)


This must be the biggest pull among all facilities offered, crowds started to form the moment when the cruise liner entered international waters (after all, casino is still illegal in Singapore). 


Nite BBQ at Parthenon Pool

Not surprisingly, we head for our dessert (or should I said second round) after our dinner on our second nite.


Man, what a lavish spread of food right in front of us, should be here in the first place.


Sat right at the poolside, plus some live band performance, boy! what a night but no beer as I was bloated.



Sad to say this...

No doubt the facilities and environment on "Superstar Virgo" is much, much better as compared to the "Leisure World" cruise years back.

However, for someone who would prefer a more dynamic scenery setting, I think the only dynamic during this cruise was the draining of my cash at "Oasis".

But nonetheless, this cruise had provided me an excellent opportunity to test out my new digital camera (on the right) and a chance to get together with my folks.

(P.s: many thanks to 二舅 and 四姨, for taking some of my photographs as seen here)


I SWEAR I did lost ONE kg.. I immediately scaled myself when I reached home!!