With the "Nai Luang" , as what the Thais address HM the King of Thailand, at Mae Sai

It's hard to imagine just more than a year ago since my last visit, Thailand had undergone some major political uncertainties. But due credit must be given their highly-revered ruler, King Bhumibol Adulyadej, whose ability to unify the nation has ensured the country from falling apart (personal view).

It was a revisit to some of the places I been to like Chiang Mai, Mae Sai ,Golden Triangle and etc. Plus an unexpected stroll into Burma that proved to be an eye-opener.

Despite some hiccups that came along, I glad to say it was another wonderful experience since it was the first time I took a budget flight, rode on an elephant and of course, the camera was working fine...hehehe :)

Last but not least.. some of the wonderful Thai people I met during the trip, who indeed have taught us "customer service" is something that is out from your heart, unlike those theories taught by those so-called professionals in those costly, unjustified courses.

Inside this Chiang Mai Log

On the contrary, seat allocation is now part of the budget flight features

An election campaigning vehicle spotted at Mae Sai, the town border Burma, as Thailand held its first election since the coup.