Inside this Chiang Mai Log

Orchid garden

We began our second day in Chiangmai by heading out of the city to the outskirts to "Mae Ram Orchid and Butterfly Farm"

Mae Sa Elephant Camp

One of the top attractions of this country traced its humble beginning in 1976.

Since then, it attracts tourists from all over. With its famed elephants' show and elephants rides continued to the top draws of this camp.


These elephants were having a great time in their bathing session

It took them a year or so training before these elephants are ready to showcase what they had learnt...But nothing was more exciting than the elephant ride (not recommended for those who are prone to nausea or height...)

YOUTUBE VIDEO on Bathing and "Show Time"
YOUTUBE VIDEO on Elephant Ride at Mae Sa
Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden

As the name suggested, this botanic garden is gift from HM the Queen of Thailand to her people.

Pardon me, due to time constraint and the scorching heat, I only found myself at the Mae Sa Noi waterfalls of this sprawling park


YOUTUBE VIDEO on Mae Sa Noi waterfalls

A mosque in Chiangmai

I would say it's a surprise to spot a mosque in Chiangmai (no offence but who would find a mosque in a Buddhists' heartland like Chiangmai ?)


Speciality tour

Come to this point, you can't avoid the fact that visit to any speciality outlet IS part of any guided itinerary.

Unless, they are something NEW to me (not those honey and jewellery outlets, please), I think it's simply a waste of time BUT you can't help it when our guides' livelihood depend dearly on them (a delicate balance of both must be struck, eh? ...hehehe)

At least, we were brought to places like the umbrella and silk manufacturing outlets .. On top of those dreadful places like Honey (which seems like it's a specialty product everywhere I been to) and Jewellery factories