Inside this Chiang Mai Log
I thought it wasn't a bad idea to orientate ourselves what's in the "Budget" Terminal of Changi Airport weeks before we embarked our Chiangmai trip.

Since being the first timer on budget flight, better be prepared for the "uncertainties" that might come along.

Picture Right: the 24/7 shuttle bus that ferry passenger to and from Terminal 2 and Budget terminal

Picture Below: snapshots of the Budget Terminal

The 24/7 shuttle bus service that ferries to-and-from T2 and Budget Terminal (pictured above and below)

Frankly, it's something like in any 3rd-world airport -very Spartan layout and furbished

Nothing sophisticated as it's BUDGET!!  

Before Boarding

We decided to avoid the anxiety to wait for a cab that would have sent us to the airport, and opted to stay overnight at Terminal 2 before heading to the Budget Terminal on the next day.

You really don't know what to expect while you are waiting to be checked into your flight. 

It seems that everybody is heading out of the dot at this point of time annually. 

You had the surfers with their boards, the dragon dance troupe with their loads, all waiting to head out via Budget terminal to their destination.

Was told Changi Airport is the sleepers' paradise for those who decided to put up a night there before catching their flight.

Pretty chaotic scene in the Check-in counter as everybody was eager to rush in. All kinds of stuff to be checked in - this equipments belong to dragon dance troupe
The waiting lounge - surrounded by those retailers, eatery and the heavy-in-demand free internet access kiosk  


  • Although I would say we have to pay for the food and drinks (not really in budget rate - $3 for any hot beverage?)

  • Although I would say those sat next to the emergency exit would have to act as an safety officer

  • Although I would say the back support of the seat can't be lower (despite having this button on the arm-rest - Ouch! My back hurts! The extended leg area can't compensated that)

  • Although I would say there's no complimentary newspapers or in-house movie viewing provided.

I would say does all these matter when we simply paid a budget rate just to ferry from point A to B?

But one thing I would like to add is - everybody is equal when you are on a budget flight.

Wonder who would be that calm to handle such a tense situation when it (touch wood) does happens??

Unless people are seriously concern about their life, who would bother to read these?

The is just like a "DUMMY" button for fun...


Good thing was I already planned to have my Thai massage later that day


The first meal in Chiangmai

As guided by our guide Joe, we founded our way to Anusarn market, where we were told to able to have our tummy filled after a long ordeal.

We finally found ourselves having our brunch at a small eating house (because they provided Mandarin menu) inside the market premises.

Attended by a friendly lady named Julie, who is a tour guide herself, and shared with us some tips and insights of the city.

Nice delicious stuff we had and it's not really that costly. But that was proved to be the only time we sampled the street cuisine during our trip


汤面&冬粉were what I wrote at the request of the stall we patronized - I left my mark there!!


Prawn fried rice was the only street cuisine I sampled while I was there - it tasted a bit sweet and nice aroma :P

Looks quiet during daytime but "Anusarn" Market is full of vibrancy at night.


First destination

Doi Suthep
The compulsory spot to be if one is in Chiangmai. 

It was named after a hermit with the same name. 

The mountain is 45 minutes away from the city and connected to the top from the foot of it is 12km long road, built in the 1930s by a well-respected monk Khruba Si Wichai, who is known as the "Religious Father of the North" in this part of Thailand.


Visitors are given two options - either you climb 350steps or pay for the cable car ride to bring you to the top of Doi Su Thep.

The birdeye view of Chiangmai - it's so different from Bangkok, where you can easily spotted some skycrapers. But it still an attraction to both foreign and local visitors, who are drawn to Chaingmai this period of time because of its cool climate.

Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep

This temple is the main attraction of the mountain, and from where the temple is located, visitors can catch the bird-eye view of the city of Chiangmai. (pictured left - the main entrance of the temple)

The pagoda in its centre (pictured at the bottom left to this cell) contains some of the relics of the Lord Buddha. The temple is visited throughout the year by thousands of tourists and Buddhist pilgrims from all over the world

This is the replica of the Emerald Buddha - which is the most sacred statue in the Kingdom

Nobody is allowed in standing position, other than entering or exit, inside this hall where this statue of Buddha is placed

Devoutees offered their prayers outside the pagoda, which contains some relics of the Lord Buddha.

Hitting the bells outside the temple - is another way to seek blessing.

Of course, there's bound to be number of stalls eyeing the tourists dollars

Dinner at Kantoke Palace

Mainly northern Thai cuisine were served in this huge restaurant, where one of the house rules is footwears are prohibited in dinning area. 

On top of the dinning experience, diners were treated some cultural performances as well, which at the end of the day, some guests were being invited to join in the dancing session.


These tribal girls don't come cheap - I mean the photo session (150 Baht!!) but managed to snap this anyway..

The main course of the night - comprised mostly northern Thai cuisine

After a long wait.. the dancer finally made their appearance...

YOUTUBE VIDEO at Kantoke Palace

Night Bazaar

Ok, nothing much to mention about Thai night market scene as they are practically the same everywhere in Thailand.

Though did witnessed a pretty annoying bargaining war between a shop vendor and a potential buyer.

  • Buyer, "Take it! 2000Baht"

  • Shop, "No, Mdm.. I can't I am losing money!"

  • Buyer, "No.. You are not.. Take it, that's all I have.."

  • Shop, "No.. please Mdm, the last one I sold at 2400Baht and you can't find that price anywhere.."

  • Buyer, "No,no.. Take it.. C'mon"

So annoying was this bargaining that lasted for almost 15 minutes! Was told the deal was sealed eventually for a Samsonite luggage.

"Dear, are you sure it's not gonna hurt my pocket?"

"At least, we got ourselves some really a good bargain, don't we, eh mate?"