The arrival at Cameron
Twist and turn
The hilly track that led us up to the Cameron highlands proved to be quite a daunting trail. As at the of end this two hour journey from the foot of the mountain - I had a sore neck

One of main towns of the highlands (a town where you have one main road with shophouses, hotels flanked on both sides of the road)
The main street of Bringchang Tea session upon arriving Plenty of hotels, shop to meet the needs of the local and tourists alike
The main attraction of Cameron
Rose Centre
This is one of the main attraction.

Though named as "Rose Centre", other types of flowers are on display too.
Cactus valley
A pretty amazing sight to see so many varieties of Catcus, all under one roof

Other than cactus, the valley also showcase number of tropical fruits, plants that can be found in Cameron Highlands.
Vegetable farm
Vegetable farms like these are common sights in Cameron Highlands, which supplies 67% of vegetables to be consumed by the Malaysians.

We were told that plots like these are leased to the farmers by the government, for a fee of 600RM per year.
Other sights of Cameron Highlands
The chrysanthemum plantation Bringchang's "Pasar Malam" is held on every Friday, Saturday and public holidays (If l remember correctly.)
Given its cool climate, strawberries are found everywhere in Cameron Highlands

Therefore, it's not hard to see why people always associated these two together (strawberry being the symbol of Cameron Highlands)

Some plantations actually allow visitors to pluck these strawberries and pay accordingly.
The half way stop
What a pleasant surprise when the coach brought us to one of those half way stop along the North-South highway.

The first impression of this half way stop was how spick and span it was, as compare to those we normally have in other places (probably, the place is newly-opened?)

It was said that a trip to Cameron Highlands back in the 60s that prompted Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, the founder of Genting Highlands, to start his world-renowned near Kuala Lumpur.

As for the Cameron Highlands itself, it was named after a British explorer who was there, around this region on a mapping adventure.

(pictured left: at the massive "BOH" tea plantation)