Melbourne Cricket Ground
As a sporting fan, how could I not paid a visit to this iconic arena located at the suburban of the main city?

To be precise, the stadium is owed by the state authorities, while the operating right belongs the Melbourne Cricket Club (MCG), founded in 1838 by the three English gentlemen namely Robert Russell, Frederick Powlett and Andrew Mundy whom each of them contribute 10 guineas to start the club after it was agreed then the “city needs a cricket club”.

Today, the 100,000-capacity ground is the home venue of four AFL clubs, draw much of its $36 million revenue from the member subscription of the MCG. And to make up any shortfall to the operating costs, big events such as music concerts would be staged and the ground has 122 corporate boxes which are rented out to corporate entities at a rate of $122,000 per year.

Other information of the "G" (the Aussie's nickname for the MCG)
  • Construction begun in 1853 and completed in 1854
  • 360 security cameras for surveillance purposes.
  • 108 square meters scoreboard monitor
  • 740 TV monitors strategically-located around the ground to “close-up” actions.
  • Each stand structure has a lifespan of 50 years, thus explained the ever-going redevelopment of the ground.
  • 95,000 are seated capacity, the remaining 5,000 are “standing” capacity





球会於1838年由三位英国人(罗素,鲍勒特 及 曼迪)所创办地。



The banner depicted the MCC's logo 墨尔本板球俱乐部会徽

The main entrance to the "G" 墨尔本板球球场正门

Inside the "G" 在场内

The statue that commemorated the first recorded game of the Aussie Rules Football, first played somewhere near where the "G" is now in 7th August 1858. So it's fair to say MCG is the home of the 18-a side football code. 这雕像是为了纪念及应征在1858年8月7日澳式足球运动的发源地就在这球场的附近

The marble plaque that detailed all winners of the 1956 Melbourne Olympiad

Dennis Lillee - the bowling great, you need to be someone great to have a statue like this placed at the "G" 澳洲板球投球手丹尼斯。里利的雕像位于正门附近

Mr Graham (in striped jacket) was our tour guide as the tour commenced from the side of the field.中间的葛雷姆汉先生的我们的向导,参观行程由球赛草地旁开始。

If you trespass into the playing surface you'll be heavily fine

The scoreboard (with the word "Melbourne") is 108 square meters in size.

The batsman will walk through this tunnel (arrowed) to the field amid the thunderous roars of the crowds or jeer if he's "duck-out" 箭头所指之处是板球打击者通往球赛草地的走道

This red seat is to commemorate a player by the name Peter King for hitting a "six" that struck this particular location 这张红椅是纪念一位叫彼得。金的打击者所击出的“六分球”所打中的位置

Will be a pleasure to catch a game here 在这看球赛真是不错的享受

“Okay boys, there you have it the best view in the house”, said Mr Graham as we hit the top tier of the "G" "这里是提供最好视觉"

The net behind the goal posts will be activated by itself whenever is "goal" or "behind" was scored in the game to prevent the "footy" from flying into the gallery球门后的网会自动启动以防皮球飞入观众看台

Wish one day I'm back here for an AFL game at this spot 希望有一天能回来这,从这角度观看一场澳式足球球赛
The skyline of Melbourne as seen from the "G" 从板球场目睹墨城的市容

WH "Puddin" Ponsford - a cricketing legend has a stand in the "G" named after him 球场内有个看台是以彭斯福,这位板球经典人物命名的

Every painting detailed the transformation of the "G" since its opening.
Inside MCG's Ron Casey Media Center 媒体中心

"These (AFL) footballers graced the MCG" said Mr Graham as we walked through the corridor of the "Ron Casey Media Center" 墙上的每幅照片都是一代(澳式)足球传奇球星。

"These were the guys who left their mark in MCG broadcasting history"
First-class media facilities inside the Ron Casey Media Center (wifi-equipped) 媒体工作室 - 果然是顶级(内有无线宽频网络覆盖)
Other sights of the "G" 其他场内的概况

Mr Graham explained to us the basic skills of the game of Aussie Rules Football as illustrated in these sketches placed according to the alphabetical order of the 16 clubs play in the AFL. 向导为我们解说澳式足球运动内所使用的技术,这十六幅钢板画是按照英文字母排列出参与这项运动的十六支职业顶级球队。

This painting depicted a particular cricket match took place in the MCG

Strict dress-code shall be observed in this member dinning room, exclusively to the members when in use 会员宴席厅的服饰规定必须严格遵守

Top-class hospitality in the "G" 舒适的视觉环境
This tapestry detailed the significant events that took place in the MCG 这幅画描述板球场的历史事迹
Was told these wooden carvings were the doors to the ground in the early days and was unceremoniously dumped but fortunately, someone retrieved and placed them here as exhibits 这些木雕本是球场的正门,一时失误差点把这些历史古迹遗弃,好在及时发现就把它们安放至此。

Took this shot outside the "G" while waiting for my bus, it's hard to image the ambience of this quiet part of Melbourne on a particular big-event day.

A statue of WH Ponsford, outside the stand named after him, with Sir Don Bradman formed an invincible pair in their playing days and for the fact that he's Victorian that's why the locals adorn him. 彭斯福雕像 -彭斯福是土生土长的维州人