Cat Museum
Instead of taking a cab to cross the river, I decided to take a public bus to the next destination - the Cat Museum, on the following day.

Housed inside the office building of the DBKU (Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Utara, pictured top right) literally translated as "The Kuching North Municipal Council), this place is way isolated from the main town area and the fact that it is located across Sungei Kuching at a top of a mountain that has made it impossible to travel there unless you are being ferried there (speaking from own experience).

Initiated by the present Chief Minister of Sarawak Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud, the museum first of its kind in the world was opened in 1988.

Entrance is free of charge, but shutter-bugs would have to pay a small fee before allow to snap.

虽然朋友曾建议我在古晋利用得士来代步,不过我还是在旅游局的建议来乘坐当地的公共巴士到我在古晋的第二个景点 - “猫类博物馆”。



Fort Margherita
Initially, I thought the cab driver played me out when he drove me back to Kuching Selatan (South Kuching) and made me had to take a “sampan” across the river back to the Kuching Utara (Kuching North) where the fort is located.

It was only when I landed onshore after the boat ride, I realized that was the ONLY route to the fort with its surrounding proved to be almost inaccessible unless like what the cab driver claimed “must go one big round” before one could reach that place.

Built in 1879 by Sir Charles Brooke, the second “White Rajah” of Sarawak, with aim to protect Kuching from any military threat. Because of its design and location, the fort has an unobstructed view of its surroundings from its perspective.

The name “Margherita” was actually derived from “Ranee” Margaret Alice Lili de Windt, the wife of Charles, who named the fort after her.

跟隔岸的南面比起,北岸边的古晋交通上以步行者来说岂能有一字来形容 -“难”。






Rajah Charles Brooke adorned his wife Margaret fondly that not far away (actually it is quite far away) from Fort Margherita that he ordered the construction of white-coloured palatial building - “Astana” (a variation of the Malay word 'Istana' meaning palace) on the north bank of Sungei Kuching.

The construction of the building was completed in 1870 as a bridal gift to the newly-proclaimed Ranee of Sarawak and presently the official residence of the governor of Sarawak.