Never thought of going to Hong Kong in the recent past, as it's so similar to Singapore in the first place.

Both being former British colonies, both being a trading port, both being a financial hub and sharing the similarity that shopping, culinary are the biggest draw to them.

So given both almost symmetrical identity is that anything in store for a mall-phobic like me?




花园街Fa Yuen Street (Garden Street)
女人街 Ladies Street (通菜街 Tung Choi Street)
Location and Brief of the Street Markets 市集的位置和简介

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A trip to Hong Kong must not be without a trip to its street market and two of the most well-known of those were within walking distance from our hotel, they are "Fa Yuen Street" (literally known as "Garden Street" in Cantonese) and "Ladies Street" (a section of Tung Choi Street).

The "Ladies Street" was the result of a 1970s policy to allow those unlicensed petty traders a place to carry out their livelihood in a legal manner and since most of the stuff on sale were ladies clothing and accessories that the nickname of the famed street market evolved from there.

The impression of these two markets are no different from those we saw in "Petaling Street" in Kuala Lumpur and our very own "Bugis Street".


其中,就以在旺角地带就有两条这类的街市 - [花园街] 以及闻名海内外的[女人街]。



Wong Tai Sin Temple 黃大仙祠

This is another place in Hong Kong that I first came to know from those TVB dramas or movies - Wong Tai Sing Temple.

The reason for being such a popular place of worship is because a lot of worshippers would come to this temple in Kowloon to wish for something and would get their prayer answered.

The temple was built in 1921 with the instruction from "Wong Tai Sin", a popular Chinese deity, to a man named Leung Renyan who spread the devotion of the deity to this part of the region.

通过港剧以及电影让我认识了香港另一个旅游景点 - 黃大仙祠。