Should be an interesting journey for this one as I head into Indo-China for the first time in my lifetime.

Just like the last Kuching trip in May, I just sat back and with a peace of mind of not knowing what would be in store for me when I landed on Ho Chi Minh.


同上回的古晋行,我又是在毫无概念的状态下第一次来到印支半岛为越南南部主要城市~胡志明市 (旧称「西贡」)。


Instant Millionaire
One of the first time I came to know about Vietnam was valuable their currency - DONG is. (Pictured on the left)

Everywhere you walk around, you would have to pay almost everything by ten over thousands dong, which was at that point of time every ONE Singapore dollar is equivalent to 17,000 VND!


就以当时的兑换率来计算,一坡币就等于一万七越南币。这样的“挥霍无度” 也无伤大碍,呵呵呵呵。(左图:一叠数以万计的越南币)


Mekong Delta (Can Tho City)
The guide of the tour gave an insight on the Mekong Delta region along our way to the river cruise.

This fertile land in southern part of Vietnam is known to be the "Rice Basket of Vietnam" where 65% of rice supply come from this region.

Due to its location, this region is not prone to tropical typhoon, but it's not spare from occasional flooding.

湄公河三角洲 (芹苴市)

由于这土地肥沃的理由而成为越南的“米仓” 「有65%的产米量来自此地」



Cruise along the Mekong River with lush vegetation flanked the both sides of the river banks and a glimpse of how the local live. 乘坐木船漫游湄公河,目睹当地民众的生活。

Making of the coconut candy (just like a chewy gum) 有如口香糖一般嚼劲的椰子糖的制作过程。

Brick Industry – where huge deposit of clay is readily made available for the production of brick using “environment-friendly” method.大量的陶土资源使得这一带拥有本身的砖瓦工业。

Having our lunch after a "sampan" boat ride to this tranquillity-surrounded restaurant within the Mekong River region with the elephant fish as the main dish (pictured above left) with some of our newly-acquainted friends (pictured above right)during the trip. 乘坐木船来到湄公河一个不显眼的角落同随行的游伴们进餐后同照留影。

A visit to Can Tho floating market where wholesaler congregate to trade their wares. 游一趟芹苴市水上市场。

Favourable climate allow the cultivation of tropical fruits such as lime, jackfruit, dragon fruits. 地属热带气候让这里盛产许多热带果食。