Off to Gold Coast
Amid the chilly winds, we hauled our luggage for 15 minutes or so from the main terminal to T4 - the "Tiger Airways" terminal in Melbourne .

Just like the "Budget Terminal' at Changi Airport, no-frills and spartan are the main features of the "Tiger" facilities here in the Down Under.



Tiger's destination in Australia 虎航在澳洲的飞行目的地

Queue-up for checking-in - just like our very own Budget Terminal at Changi Airport 排队登机有如在咱门的廉价终站
Similar concept inside the departing area 里头的摆设和概念也如此
Making full use of the space available, like having some gaming machines here
Absolutely no "monkey business" while inside the airport premises
As everyone waits for their turn to depart 大家地乖乖的等着登机 The harsh reality for me 无可奈何的事实
Amid the strong guts of wind, we boarded the plane - budget style 排排站,在大风的吹袭下大伙慢慢地登上机咯
Gold Coast
We landed on the "Sunshine State" - Queensland after a two-hour flight from Melbourne.

Gold Coast lives up its expectation as a sunny, bright place, folks here have a no qualms of walking around in their beach attire and the cool climate compliment well with the huge dose of sunlight (if only we have it back home this combination).

In short, this is a place where holiday-makers outnumbered the locals.




First impression of Gold Coast - Relax and Carefree
黄金海岸的第一印象 - 生活写意,无忧无虑

Queensland scrapped the petrol subsidies in July 2009 much to the dismay of the locals 昆州政府在七月起已取消燃油津贴,使得当地感到不满

Whether it's "Factory Outlet" or some high-end outlets, Surfer Paradise is dotted with choices for shoppers as well
Surfers' Paradise 冲浪天堂
At the Beach 在海边
Just for the sake of this pose - me with the surfboard 与冲浪板摆个样来留影
Sunset at Gold Coast, facing the Pacific Ocean 日落的黄金海岸,面向太平洋的景观
Ideal spot for photographers 。。也是许多摄影友捕捉好镜头的地方 Ideal spot for a stroll 。。许多情侣散步的好去处
Some surfing actions too 。。不折不扣的冲浪天堂 "What's he scanning?" 但不知这位长者在做啥?
Plenty of sunshine but plenty of sea breeze as well 虽然是阳光普照,不过凉风吹袭,一点也不觉得闷热

TGIF or that's the case?
On the contrary to other Australian places I visited, the retailing outlets in Gold Coast stretch beyond 5pm (because it was Friday when we landed or because that's alway the case?).

Nonetheless, since this place is a tourist paradise you can't afford to call it a day at 5, right?


Hard Rock Cafe not as hot as before it stand proudly at Surfers Paradise
Bungee jumping at night and some thrill-seeking antics at night

Accommodation at Gold Coast
One thing for sure and I'm pretty confident to say this - even if you arrive in Gold Coast without making prior reservation to your accommodation, no worries!

As there are abundant of choices of places to stay in this holiday paradise. So it's just a matter on how much you're willing to pay for it.

(Picture right: my lodging while in Gold Coast - Paradise Resort)