at the airport, wating for our flight and on board Guruda -last flight on premium rate as budget airlines come to the scene??(move your mouse across some of pictures to see the text description)

We hit the road 2 days before the Lunar New Year. you cant say yourself been to Bangkok, without experience the infamous traffic jam.. great way to test your patient..

Upon arrival at the hotel, we wasted no time and headed straight to MBK, that gigantic shopping mall at the heart of Bangkok. 

But no thanks to that talkative cab driver of ours who almost spoiled our day, by ferried us to the dreadful jewelry factory to earn some fuel coupons for himself, before sent us to MBK. (so beware of these cabbies, lurking outside the hotels.)

It's traffic everywhere, bringing tourists, after-work shoppers and students to what it is the heart of Thailand. 

Call it fate or whatsoever, we saw Hong Kong singer-actor, Leon Lai at the 4-faced Buddha shrine, near the World Trade Center.

the long queue at BKK airport to clear the custom MBK at night - the shopper's mecca plus plenty of bites to smooth your tummy What's Mum looking at??? this street was along the way from WTC back to our hotel praying at the 4-faced buddha near World Trade Center, where we spotted Leon Lai, among the devoutees


It's Lunar New Year Eve on the second day of our trip and decided to walk around the vicinity where our hotel is located.

Along the way, saw a group of hotel staff performed the offering ceremony to the gods, as it's new year's eve, I believed (pictured on the left, below).

Here's the marketplace, you dont get to see it often here in Singapore.. just like the 60's you get fine if you tresspass the MRT track , here l dont need to "pay" for a single for doing so

Here we were at Yaowarat aka Chinatown of Bangkok. 

the first sight at Yaowarat, Lion dance, which is very common during times like those you dont get to see signboard in chinese characters in Thailand that often, just stepped out of Bangkok Bank (run out of bahts to continue our shop) banners across the main road, with greeting and wishes for the lunar new year

Unlike at home, firecrackers are not prohibited here, thus it was letting out of the firecrackers everywhere, round the corner. 

It was crowds everywhere, though I must said the narrow alleys in most parts of Yaowarat had made walking an arduous task (as seen on the picture on the second from the right above), with hordes of petty traders ply their goods, face-to-face, side-by-side.



Much to our surprise, Bangkok remained full of life, in spite it was first day of Lunar New Year.  


At Siam Discovery center, we caught of glimpse of the Lion dance performance, Thai style. 

A stroll down Silom, before headed back to hotel, ended with some sampling of roadside delicacies and foot massaging, that was how we ended our last night in Bangkok. 
Pad-Thai mee, yummy my Sis," OI, dont film leh, wait for me to pose nice one for it lah!!"  "Aiya, never lah.." said Ma..



That was always the most dreadful part of any trip...Going back to that sickening routine after enjoying life (well, all good things ended fast...) 

The flight back home was delayed, thought l had strike lottery, so as to claimed some compensation from our insurance company, only to find out that the cut-off must be 12 hours :C 

Below are some of photos took on the last day at Bangkok

One of the landmark of Bangkok, cant recall what name is it, but have a huge "DTAC" sign on one side of the building unfortunately, every city has its dark side, one of the many slums area found in Bangkok, along the railway line a view from the gallery, the plane we took the flight home :(

It's truly a shopping paradise.. though I must say most of the stuff sold along the streets, MBK, Yaowarat and other shopping areas are pretty much the same (eg: clothing, bags and blah, blah, blah), so do take your time if you are looking for one particular stuff, before "whack" it (l mean buy it, of course some bargaining is never avoidable).

the only picture l took on myself during this trip, in front of the 4-face buddha shrine of the hotel we stayedIf possible, try to stay near a hotel where "skytrain" is easily accessible. rather than one far away from it, as most of the major shopping areas are within the vicinity of those "skytrain" stations (except for Yaowarat)D'Ma Pavillion, the hotel where we stayed, plenty of nice roadside food stall nearby..

Sorry to say though, we didn't make it to Chatuchak, as it only open over the weekend (the biggest outdoor market I ever seen so far)

One of the deep impressions that etched in my mind is the respect of all Thai people towards the Royal Family, no matter where you go you bound to find a portrait of the King or the Royal family in houses or shops.

But one thing for sure, I'll be going back for more wonderful shopping experience.

Best Regards

Pictures shot using Mustek DV3000


2004 Ko Po Hui